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Freedom is by far the most important of the conditions of production, because, where freedom is conceded, association and invention follow in time by laws of natural sequence. If you are a software enthusiast who wants to uphold values of freedom in software, this is the place for you!

Don't be jack of all - Make a wise choice! - Become Subject Matter Expert!

Source Control

Source Control is good way of working with a distributed team. It has been in practice for ages and helps developers share and showcase their projects.

Mobile App Development

In the ecosystem of smartphones, most of us want to build apps that solve daily needs or target industry needs. Mobile application development with Angular and Ionic OR Cordova can set you apart.


Everyone loves to code, and in different lanuages too. Along with coding itself, it is important to learn how to use correct tools and source control for development - either web or system, mobile or embedded!


Cloud computing is the future of optimization of hardware usage, if we skip the non technical benefits. With that we are going to see waves of new technology that will help optimize software and hardware. Containers, kubernetes are some of the examples.

Quality Enginnering

Difference between just another project vs THE project is determined by the quality of the project. If you are the person who has quality written all over you, this is your place. Like William Foster says "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

DevOps and Virtualization

For people who love automation and containerization, this is the area to know. This includes tooling such as Vagrant, Ansible, Docker, and more.

About the BootUp Program

Connects software enthusiasts to the FOSS ecosystem of continuous innovation, enriching skillset and paving the pathway for sharing and faster learning!

The BootUp Program consists of several hackable templates for various kinds of activities. These help participants learn, implement, and share FOSS knowledge in a variety of different fields.

Before you race off to the boilerplates, here are a few community "good practices" to keep in mind:

  • Lead by example
  • Be respectful
  • Watch your language
  • Take responsibility for your words and actions
  • Expect and accommodate cultural and personal differences (read more here)

BootUp Kits

The templates are open and hackable. These are merely the blueprints of points an organizer can derive from while planning for any event. Templates are subject to alteration depending on the target audience.

On the right, you can find how to get started from scratch.

You can start off by being a registered member for FOSS wave and enhance your skillset.
When there are several people contributing and ready for the next level, you can help them learn some cutting-edge technologies. We prefer doing an activity with around 80 people to start with. You can request an on-campus visit in the same form here.
After every fifteen days of the event, the follow-up sequence is initiated. This makes sure all new members feel welcome and ensure their voices are heard. Contributing to upstream projects directly is recommended. Here's where you, as a member, can request for the follow-up and make yourself vocal.

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