BootUp Kit for FOSS and Fedora

<Introduction of the speaker> [15mins]

1. FOSS and Feodora
1.1 What is FOSS?
1.2 Why FOSS
1.3 Getting industry-ready
2. Discussions around diversity and contribution spectrum
2.1 All FOSS projects are open source, so you can contribute anywhere!
2.2 All contributors need not to code - can be designers to documentors
3. How to start with FOSS
3.1 Introduce yourself -- let the world know who you are! --> mailing lists
3.2 Every project has identity management, like Android with Google accounts. Fedora has FAS.
3.3 What if you run into a issue? --> IRC
4. Fedora and contribution pathways
4.3 QA [Taskotron]
4.4 Fedora Docs
4.5 Packaging [Bodhi]
4.6 Magazine
4.7 Fedocal
4.8 Recognition model: Badges
5. Creating accounts (FAS, mailing lists)
5.2 If Fedora QA --> all newcomers redirected to mailing list
5.2 If not Fedora QA --> shoot a mail to respective mailing list but after writing to you and me
5.3 Freenode IRC web client []
6.GitHub as a source control [introduction]
Relate folders in bare metal with repo in cloud / GitHub
7. Talk about Fedora QA in details